Margarita Alvizures, President

Hello, I’m Margarita Alvizures born in a remote village in Guatemala. In 1990, I emigrated to the United States with a suitcase full of dreams and illusions, going through many difficulties, because upon arrival to the United States things were not easy.  I got married but overnight I was left alone with 2 small children and practically on the street, watching as my dreams faded. Thanks to good-hearted people, my life changed little by little. I became a resident of the U.S. and thanks to that, Habitat for Humanity gave me the opportunity to have my own home. Over the years, I became a citizen.

When I emigrated to the U.S., I brought the images of poverty that live in Guatemala, the great needs that our people have. Thinking about that, a few years ago I started sending clothes, shoes, blankets and many more things. With the help of people who donate items to me (and some that I buy); I manage to fill several very large boxes and send them to Guatemala. Close friends and relatives in Guatemala donate their time and love to our most needy people. They distribute the donations according to the economic situation of each needy family.

 In 2019, I made the decision to personally go to Guatemala to deliver the donations. It was there that I realized how lucky and fortunate I am, because I have a job, a roof over my head and my health and of course my healthy, independent children. I saw that the needs are much greater than I imagined. I had the opportunity to visit villages so far from civilization where they did not have aid to cover their basic needs. There is not much of an opportunity for a decent job that would help them to survive and support their families. Many families do not have the basic resources such as: drinking water, electricity, schools are at great distances, houses are made with wands or sticks covered with plastic sheeting. The roofs are made of thatch which does not keep the water out of their homes. For the same reason in the cold weather, diseases are more common that frequently lead to death because they do not have medicines and accessibility to doctors. In order to reach doctors, they need to reach the populated places where they have health centers.  Most of the time, they do not have the resources to get to these medical facilities and if they do most people do not have the funds to cover their medicine. 

When I came back from that trip, I came up with the idea of looking for a way to help a lot more people. Some people who want to immigrate to this country are looking for opportunities for work and to have a dignified life. But, by taking that long and dangerous road, many people die in the attempt to realize their dreams of giving their families a better life. 

All this led me to form a non-profit organization together with people who have been with me in this dream.  We gave ourselves the task of investigating how to carry it out. We are a group of women willing to work for those most in need, donating our time and work. And joining forces we formed the non-profit organization called: Sembrando Esperanza Guatemala/Growing Hope Guatemala. Now we invite you to join in transforming and saving lives; in a phrase "TO SOW HOPE AND REAP SMILES." Your support to achieve this mission is the most important of all, and you can do it by donating whatever your heart tells you.  Everything you contribute will be welcome and greatly appreciated by these families. You will be receiving proof that your money is in the right place, if you ask for it. Thank you.

Margarita was born in El Carmen San Agustín, El Progreso Guastatoya Guatemala C.A.  She is currently divorced, with two children: Diego (Married to Erica with a young daughter named Frida) and Lorena Trujillo. She is a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church, Grand Junction, CO, and an Associate of the Guadalupanas missionaries of the Holy Spirit.